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As we all inch closer to warm breezes, flip flops, and tan lines that can be spotted from a block away we must not neglect the present. Why not start this spring out with a bang? Even if you lack the time to pump it out in your local gym, there are a few other ways to boost your weight loss and overall health. I’d like to welcome you to a few of my dirty secrets:

1.The Avocado. Sure, they are packed with FAT and typically served with even fattier choices but avocados contain healthful monounsaturated fat, which has been linked to a reduced risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.  But no fear…  it’s the bad fats that make you fat and the good fats that keeps you from getting fat! Most would probably assume they are in the vegetable family but the avocado is actually a fruit. (Technically a large berry that contains a large seed) Since fat has twice the energy of protein or carbs, limit yourself to 1/4 to 1/2 avocado per serving.

2.The Apple. Did you know there are Over 7,500 varieties of apples grown throughout the world???   They are packed full of antioxidants, especially vitamin C which is good for healthier skin. It turns out the simple apple is a jewel when it comes to healthy eating. If being a healthy carb wasn’t already enough, there are enzymes found in apples that might help your body digest food more efficiently!

3.The Blueberry. All berries contain anthocyanins which keep your skin healthy, but their goodness is much more then skin-deep. Blueberries are widely available and have the greatest amount of antioxidants of any other food, which should easily make them one of your best daily choices! They contain important nutrients that have shown many health benefits including  ANTI-AGING. That’s right, I said it.

4.The Green tea. In a recent study, volunteers who drank a bottle of tea (fortified with green tea extract) every day for three months lost more body fat than another group who drank a bottle of regular oolong tea. Except for the different teas, their overall diets were similar.  It is believed that green tea possess the helpful photochemical  disease-fighting properties that may trigger weight loss by stimulating the body to burn calories and mildly decrease your body fat. Normal green tea itself may contain more caffeine than coffee and no sugary additives or heavy creamers, so tomorrow morning opt for the healthy choice instead of your usual cup of Joe.

5.Last but not least, Spinach. This powerhouse of nutrients, or ultimate super food.. Is high in protein (GO FIGURE)!! The lists of health benefits from this wonderful green leaf of goodness are endless. It fights against so many different diseases and improves your health immensely. Spinach is very versatile and can be eaten cooked as a vegetable, or raw in a salad which is a superior alternative to the low nutrient iceberg lettuce. So if you haven’t already, make spinach a part of a daily recipe and believe me, your body will thank you for it.

Work with your body not against it, and really focus on what you put into your mouth because eating correctly will give your body the fuel it needs to really lay it down on your next cardio session.


Loosing weight is much about motivation and mental toughness. I’ll teach you the easy ways to become a performer.

Write down your goals

You have heard this hundred of times, and it sounds silly. But wait.. did you actually do it?
Write down all negative things about loosing weight. What is so negative about it anyway? You will feel pain for not being allowed to eat that doughnut, and…. what else?
What about the positive things? Better self-confidence, more attractive, avoiding all the diseases related to overweight, make a better impression, feel more happy? You name it.
There are plenty of positive things related to weight loss. Try to think about the positive things and then write them down, no matter how much you want to taste that doughnut.

Just do it

Some people have a tendency to set up a special date when their diet and exercising is about to begin. I say that’s bullshit. You do it now or you won’t do it all. If you can’t do it right now, then you’re not motivated enough.
Attitude is very important. Now I’m going to tell you a very valuable thing. The biggest factor in succeeding (no matter what you’re trying to do), is just doing it!
Just do it and never make up excuses. If you can learn that and do it at all times without any hesitation, we are talking mental toughness big time.

Don’t give up

Some people loose weight easily, some don’t. It doesn’t matter which type you are, because you can do nothing about it.
There is no point in giving up, it won’t save you any trouble by thinking “I will do it later”. The day will come when you’re back for a new try and that day, perhaps you will just feel bad about yourself and feel kinda unmotivated. “Why didn’t I do this before?”
However, if you give up (which you most likely will), start from zero and prove for yourself that you’re mentally stronger now.

Find a mentor

He (or she) will help you to achieve your weight loss goal and become tough mentally. Don’t find a parrot who haven’t even succeeded himself. Find someone who know what they are talking about and got some REAL experience.
Always learn new stuff. Knowledge will really help you along the way, although it’s not the biggest factor in loosing weight since the “loosing-weight principle” is really simple – don’t eat crap and do some exercising.

Start with moving when you get up in the morning

It is really a benefit to take a morning walk just before or after breakfast. It doesn’t have to be that long, just about 20 minutes and you will feel more focused and energized the whole day. If you don’t like the cold, try cardio exercises at home.