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Sometimes it is very hard to stay motivated when you can’t see any results. Results are there, you just won’t notice it as you look yourself in the mirror everyday.
Here are a few measurement you can keep track of if you want to get more motivated with home cardio and working out overall.

* Body fat
How much muscles versus fat do your body have after and before a training season, that you can notice yourself?

BMI is related to your height in proportion to your weight, so keep track of it.

* Calories burned
How much calories did you burn today?

* Required daily calories
How much calories do you need per day in order to loose weight but still don’t be underfed?

* Target heart rate
Measuring heart rate and see how it improves with your training.

* Distance, Time, Pace, Speed
How many miles, how fast and how tired are you?

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One Thought on ““Stay Cardio” – How to see improvement & keep motivating yourself?

  1. Nice, I find it pretty hard though to give an accurate number of some of these improvement measures. Any products or calculators that could help me?
    I bet it would help me stay motivated and therefore see more improvement in the long run 😉

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