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This is a full body cardio workout program. Ten exercises, 30 reps per exercise, which is 300 reps in total.
No need for expensive equipment. A video showing how to do each exercise is included below.

Perform the exercise shown in any order.

* jump squat
* staggered pushups
* alteranating split jump
* explosive pushups
* prison squat
* hindu pushups
* kneeling band row
* burpees
* pull ups
* double crunch

Have fun!

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3 Thoughts on “Spartan Full Body Cardio Workout Program

  1. Nice work out plan and video.

  2. there is no way in hell ill be able to do this lmao.

  3. Starting with lots of reps and lower weights in the beginning and working your way to lower reps and higher weights will prevent injury and give your body to adjust to the workouts.

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