I have always believed in goals. If you have goals, you know where you’re going.

Six advices for you to set goals to get motivated:

1. Answer the questions how, when, how?
2. Get help if you can not answer them myself. (E.g how – personal trainer)?
3. For what reason? Is that enough justification?
4. How will you measure your performance when you are ‘advanced’? When are the target to be achieved and what happens if it is not?
5. How will you reward yourself? (Reward spurs)
6. Once the plan is nailed, it is reasonable? You can follow this plan along your options?

In order that a case should be motivating enough, you should have about 50% chance of doing it. This means that it will be difficult to achieve, beacuse if the goal is too easily achieved you won’t feel motivated enough to struggle.
Similarly, if the goal is too hard it will be easy to hang because of performance requirements.

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One Thought on “Set goals to get motivated

  1. tyler rowsey on September 23, 2010 at 4:33 pm said:

    i just figured i would drop a thank you because this post in itself is very motivational and esteem building. i have been lifting and tryin to get into the motions of home cardio, in which i have been researching recently, for about a year now and this will hopefully be a very beneficial step in my process.

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