Your motivation is daily challenged when you’re trying to loose weight. Therefore, you might want to find ways to stay motivated long term.
There are mainly 3 factors that helps you to motivate yourself. Specific goals, ability to envision your achievements and degree of success.
Keeping a daily motivation requires (mental toughness and weight loss), which is not always easy.

* Have a daily journal/diary of the struggling, progressing and successing.

* Follow a lot of blogs and forums related to weight loss and fitness. You will learn new things and stay motivated.

* Keep a record of your diet. How many calories did you eat last Saturday? This way, balancing gets really easy.

* Take a picture of yourself without much clothes one time per month. Whenever you feel depressive and unmotivated, go back a few months and see the results.

The motivation to lose weight may not come from the same place every day. If you can develop some strategies for keeping your daily motivation high, you are much more likely to be successful and bounce back quickly if you have any setbacks. Whatever you ultimately see as your motivation for losing weight, you do not have to face the challenge alone.

A cardio video I found really useful. Showing a lot of cardio exercises you can do at home.

Sometimes it is very hard to stay motivated when you can’t see any results. Results are there, you just won’t notice it as you look yourself in the mirror everyday.
Here are a few measurement you can keep track of if you want to get more motivated with home cardio and working out overall.

* Body fat
How much muscles versus fat do your body have after and before a training season, that you can notice yourself?

BMI is related to your height in proportion to your weight, so keep track of it.

* Calories burned
How much calories did you burn today?

* Required daily calories
How much calories do you need per day in order to loose weight but still don’t be underfed?

* Target heart rate
Measuring heart rate and see how it improves with your training.

* Distance, Time, Pace, Speed
How many miles, how fast and how tired are you?

There are many benefits of doing cardio workout regularly. Nothing burns fat easier than good cardio exercising. It has been proven that cardio is the best alternative workout, Cardio is especially good for the aged and overweight people since the fat is not proportional to the muscle masses in those bodies, generally. No weights and no strain-related broken bones or injuries.

Five of the best benefits to regular cardio:

* You burn calories. Any cardio exercise helps you lose fat.
* Better sleep for your body.
* Exercising is a good treatment for depression and when you’re bored.  The substance called endorphin will be created while being physically active, which gives you a better mood.
* Cardio, especially, will prevent diseases. Exercising in general will reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, hyptertension or high blood pressure and cancer.
* Metabolism will be faster, which means you will burn even more calories even though you’re not exercising.

I hope this helps your motivation!

This home cardio workout is simple but powerful. It requires you to have a medicine ball.

Pick a pretty light medicine ball. Hold it straight ahead and lift the right knee up to waist level so it lightly touches the ball, and then same with the left knee. Do it for 1 minute and repeat as long as you can.

You can also check out this quick video to see how to do this home cardio exercise with a medicine ball.

Jumping rope is about to be discussed now. This cardio exercise can be done from home without any inconvenience,  thus my favorite home cardio exercise.
First of all, no need of home exercise equipment, so no, you can’t use that as an excuse.
Secondly, it’s a super effective exercise that will both build muscle and burn fat in all parts of your body – a full body cardio exercise.
Only 20-30 minutes of rope jump a few times a week is enough for great results long-term. Don’t forget, eating some fruits after cardio exercisising is greatly going to help.

Here is a video of the cardio exercise rope jumping.

Loosing weight is much about motivation and mental toughness. I’ll teach you the easy ways to become a performer.

Write down your goals

You have heard this hundred of times, and it sounds silly. But wait.. did you actually do it?
Write down all negative things about loosing weight. What is so negative about it anyway? You will feel pain for not being allowed to eat that doughnut, and…. what else?
What about the positive things? Better self-confidence, more attractive, avoiding all the diseases related to overweight, make a better impression, feel more happy? You name it.
There are plenty of positive things related to weight loss. Try to think about the positive things and then write them down, no matter how much you want to taste that doughnut.

Just do it

Some people have a tendency to set up a special date when their diet and exercising is about to begin. I say that’s bullshit. You do it now or you won’t do it all. If you can’t do it right now, then you’re not motivated enough.
Attitude is very important. Now I’m going to tell you a very valuable thing. The biggest factor in succeeding (no matter what you’re trying to do), is just doing it!
Just do it and never make up excuses. If you can learn that and do it at all times without any hesitation, we are talking mental toughness big time.

Don’t give up

Some people loose weight easily, some don’t. It doesn’t matter which type you are, because you can do nothing about it.
There is no point in giving up, it won’t save you any trouble by thinking “I will do it later”. The day will come when you’re back for a new try and that day, perhaps you will just feel bad about yourself and feel kinda unmotivated. “Why didn’t I do this before?”
However, if you give up (which you most likely will), start from zero and prove for yourself that you’re mentally stronger now.

Find a mentor

He (or she) will help you to achieve your weight loss goal and become tough mentally. Don’t find a parrot who haven’t even succeeded himself. Find someone who know what they are talking about and got some REAL experience.
Always learn new stuff. Knowledge will really help you along the way, although it’s not the biggest factor in loosing weight since the “loosing-weight principle” is really simple – don’t eat crap and do some exercising.

Start with moving when you get up in the morning

It is really a benefit to take a morning walk just before or after breakfast. It doesn’t have to be that long, just about 20 minutes and you will feel more focused and energized the whole day. If you don’t like the cold, try cardio exercises at home.