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First of all, sorry for the inactivity around here. Much going on in life right now. : )

So I have decided I could need to lose some pounds, I have no goal of an exact amount at this moment. I’m not going to struggle, I will really let it take time this time. The ca

use of this is of course I want to get more fit, but this is also an experiment of my body. Will two simple steps work? I’m going to do two small things everyday in order to reach my goal within 4 months.

1) I’m going to fill up my schedule a lil bit more. Before, I used to do cardio workouts five times a week. Wednesday and sunday was resting day. Now I’m going to workout with cardio at home seven days a week. That means no resting days. This will be similar to the p90x2 workout.

2) As for the second thing, I’m going to eat smaller portions at dinner everyday. The reason for this is that I understood the importance of it even better now. Let me explain: I’m usually very inactive physically after dinner. That means that everything I eat won’t be burning up as easily as it would during daytime when I’m walking and running all day. I might get hungry before bedtime which is going to be hard to get used to. But I don’t need much energy when sleeping, now do I? Worst case, I’ll eat some hassle nuts or a fruit.

These are two very simple steps to lose some weight, I don’t guarantee it will work for everyone though. Some people really can’t sleep on empty stomach.

I have always believed in goals. If you have goals, you know where you’re going.

Six advices for you to set goals to get motivated:

1. Answer the questions how, when, how?
2. Get help if you can not answer them myself. (E.g how – personal trainer)?
3. For what reason? Is that enough justification?
4. How will you measure your performance when you are ‘advanced’? When are the target to be achieved and what happens if it is not?
5. How will you reward yourself? (Reward spurs)
6. Once the plan is nailed, it is reasonable? You can follow this plan along your options?

In order that a case should be motivating enough, you should have about 50% chance of doing it. This means that it will be difficult to achieve, beacuse if the goal is too easily achieved you won’t feel motivated enough to struggle.
Similarly, if the goal is too hard it will be easy to hang because of performance requirements.

My Life as a Sicilian – a three-year dieting journey in the land of antipasti

It began simple enough.  Our family relocated to Sicily, Italy by way of California, complements of the United States navy.  I had just lost the forty-five pounds of post-baby weight and was down to fourteen percent body fat.  I was happy, content and thin.  Then the news that we would be moving abroad came into view and I instantly became frantic.  I had heard the rumors of Sicilians walking the streets, eating pastries, enjoying large ten-course meals at lunchtime, and lots of alcohol consumption.  I had seen the pictures of brooding Sicilian mothers forcing their large families to “mangia!  Mangia!” and not to leave the table until every morsel vanished.  I knew of several Italian families living here in the United States that only enjoyed their family reunions because of the pasta-gorging and pizza-baking.  These people were serious about their food!  I wanted no part of it.  I decidedly refused to be a part of the Sicilian culture and especially reminded myself that of course there was a commissary on the navy base and certainly I could continue my current eating lifestyle.  Luckily, this was not the case and thankfully so when we landed on Italian soil in march 1997.

The first sampling of fine Sicilian cuisine was at a ristorante in a little village close to the navy base.  They served all specialties of pasta, and their main following was for the wood oven-baked pizza that was routinely made with buffalo cheese.  It was incredibly delicious, light and filling.  I was pleased and so were my family.  We decided that this little restaurant would become a regular for our family.

As the months went on, our tastes became even more refined as we traveled throughout all of Italy, attuned to the differences in the sauces of Florence versus Rome, and got to know whose pasta was the most al dente. During the first year of life in Sicily, I became increasingly aware of how much better I felt, how much clearer my skin was, and how I had not gained any of my weight back!  I was even eating more bread, more pasta and staying at exactly the same body fat as I did before moving to Sicily.  What remained more of a mystery were the Sicilians themselves.  The girls and women there were not overweight and in fact were slim and beautiful.  They did not beat their bodies with exercise, did not starve themselves, and did not take supplements.  They did eat more slowly, drank gallons of water and ate only the freshest food possible, all with a slight coating of olive oil.  They did not run five miles a day, nor did they have to have gastric bypass surgery.

After the first year of eating well and being amazed at the lack of overweight people that surrounded me, I investigated further by becoming one of the Sicilians by learning their language and immersing myself in their culture and lifestyle.  I would find out why they were thin and Americans were, well, not so thin.  Within the second year of eating delicious pasta, staying thin still and conversing fluently in Italian with my new friends, I discovered that the Sicilians had many, many things going for them.  They had their families, they valued their relatives, they did not snack on empty foods, and they drank lots and lots of bottled water.  They did not appear to have the stressors that we Americans had.  They ate fresh, unprocessed foods. They shopped frequently for fresh ingredients. They baked their own bread.  They grew their own vegetables and fruit, even if their gardens were scanty in size.  They talked with their friends and neighbors often, and were seemingly always with their families, including the extended family.  They rarely ate out in restaurants.  They ate very, very little refined sugar.  They drank very little milk.  As well, they drank very little alcohol.

Wrapping up our third year in Sicily, I was still at the same body fat, still wore the same size clothes and still happily ate an entire Mediterranean diet.  I knew now that the secret to staying thin was something that the Sicilians knew better than any of we Americans could ever know.  I miss my Sicilian friends and miss the smell of fresh bread being baked at our local panificcio.  I miss the outdoor markets in each of the tiny cittas and I long for the pizza margherita that we used to buy down the street from our home from the tiny ristorante known as Vittorio’s.  More than anything, I miss the simple pleasures of good, fresh food eaten slowly on a summer’s day while watching the lava flow down mount Aetna, hearing the sounds of young boys playing soccer outside in the street and smelling the orange blossoms from the blood orange groves that surround us in the countryside.

When I first started out as an artist in 1990, there were hundreds of struggling artists in Austin complaining of not finding any “real” work. Of course an artist who works regularly is successful, and balances their energy between being creative and being entrepreneurial. Many talented people refuse to do it this way. They focus on the art itself… the fun part! That’s important, too, but almost not as important as the business side. It’s like my design professor said at university, “Talent is only 10%. That piece of paper is only worth 5.” There are plenty of gifted people out there who never achieve their goals because they don’t know how to package, sell or market what they have to offer.

Everything soon came together for me, and I realized this business approach works in every aspect of life if you truly want to find direction and make tangible progress. It even works for health and fitness. In fact, it works quite well!

Think of this as a business workshop for your health. Begin by looking at the development of a diet and fitness program as if you were starting your own small business, and the product you are manufacturing is a newer, fitter, healthier, better-organized, more motivated, sexier you.

Industrial-Strength or Lemon Scented?
Begin by choosing a name for your Product and writing a mission statement for your company ― one which means a lot to you and will drive every decision you make about your “business.” For instance a name like “No Excuses” or “Be Ready” tells you instantly each time you read it what your objective should be for every decision you make. My personal brand name is “I Will Be Unreasonable: I will not reason my way out of anything by making excuses.” I’m an artist so it only makes sense that I live my life as unreasonably as possible. But my business aim is in the statement, moving towards a targeted goal. Concentrate on your name and mission statement every time you blow out the candles on your company’s anniversary cake, and every other time you need to remind yourself about what’s most important to you and to your life.

The Sweet Smell of Sweat!
I’m no athlete. When I was a kid, I was always picked last for team sports. I’d run the other way before a dreaded dodge ball nailed me in PE. I scored a soccer goal once! For the other team. But just because I have a checkered athletic history doesn’t mean I don’t like to exercise. In fact, I’ve learned over the years that I pretty much love it.

I thank my lucky stars that my parents signed me up for the Champions Swim Team at the age of 4. Not only because it was fun (and sometimes I was picked second to last for team sports), but also because it was there that I learned to swim and to compete. I was not a strong swimmer. I was always a delicate build. I had no strong muscles like my friends were born with, and had a deep fear of heights which prevented me from the Diving Team. So the second year my parents decided that we would just swim for fun and that made all the difference. Now I go swimming as often as I can. It makes me ridiculously happy to be immersed in water.

The days of disco introduced me to roller skating parties and roller derby, enticing us with “speed skates” and “couples skates,” Xanadu, and a whole lot of girl fights. I still have a tendency to pull out my old roller skates (the ones with the pink wheels) and roll around the ad agency where I work ― for speed purposes, of course. But you would be surprised at how much traction you can get from the office carpet and get a incredible 3 o’clock energy boost, unlike the usual office party birthday cake sugar fix. It also gets me out of the office quicker so I can have more quality time afterhours.

The best exercise for me was always jazz, tap, and ballet. My most strenuous programs. Three classes three times a week plus recitals! And I excelled at it. I was always good at ballet, tap and jazz. I may not have been blessed with muscles, but I had definite rhythm and from the time I was born I loved music. I enjoyed jazz more than anything. Later in life this resulted in taking weekly Jazzercise classes that with a friend when we got off work. And I still take ballet classes to this day.

Then one day at our office gym I wandered into a yoga class when I wasn’t in the mood for aerobics or stepping. I was immediately hooked. Obsessed. Yoga changed my life. Now I’ve tried just about every kind of yoga there is. They’re gonna make me go to rehab.

Of course, sometimes a swim is just a swim, a yoga class is just a yoga class, ballet is just ballet, and there’s nothing life changing about it. But when a swim or a class is pretty darn good, it’s just great. All this to say, when it comes to exercise, find your bliss.

Change Your View to Increase Results
I believe the most important difference between this time and all of my failed attempts at weight loss is the change in my thoughts and views. I viewed exercise as a short-term weight loss plan or something that athletes and naturally fit people pursued. I figured it would be very difficult for me because I was not athletic and therefore was inept at exercise. This of course, meant that I should give up and leave it to the “natural born athletes.” Boy, was I wrong…

Remember, just as in business, the choices you make today have a direct effect on results you will experience tomorrow. Many people starting a new fitness routine work too hard or long, and consequently feel overwhelmed and quickly give up. Avoid this “jump start/failure cycle” by starting small. Start with the type of challenge that you will be most comfortable completing on a regular basis. The smaller the challenge, the quicker it will begin to feel easy. Seeing and feeling your physical fitness improve provides fantastic motivation.

Use this knowledge to motivate yourself to make healthier choices today and empower yourself to create a healthier tomorrow.

Valerie Johnson is an Advertising Creative Director and Independent Beachbody Coach. Read her month long series “If You Build It, You Will Become” beginning May 3rd on

A lot of people who desperately wants to lose weight first start off with a underfeed and horrible diet, too much exercising, not enough patience and being too ignorant which results in loosing all of the motivation fast. The second time they try (now believing in magics), they buy expensive miracle pills that promises you will lose at least 44.74 lbs within a month. That is not how you do it. First of all, it doesn’t have to cost you a dime to get to the weight you want. Secondly, people need to understand that anything in life that is worth fighting for requires hard work.

The number one basic rule when it comes to loosing weight.

There are resources and people available for anyone who takes the time to seek them. You can find all kind of tips, recipes, guides, training programs, personal coaching online and more for free on the internet. This blog is a good example of a free resource that gives you a lot of opportunities if you want to lose weight the natural way.

Please, write a comment and tell me what you think.

Your motivation is daily challenged when you’re trying to loose weight. Therefore, you might want to find ways to stay motivated long term.
There are mainly 3 factors that helps you to motivate yourself. Specific goals, ability to envision your achievements and degree of success.
Keeping a daily motivation requires (mental toughness and weight loss), which is not always easy.

* Have a daily journal/diary of the struggling, progressing and successing.

* Follow a lot of blogs and forums related to weight loss and fitness. You will learn new things and stay motivated.

* Keep a record of your diet. How many calories did you eat last Saturday? This way, balancing gets really easy.

* Take a picture of yourself without much clothes one time per month. Whenever you feel depressive and unmotivated, go back a few months and see the results.

The motivation to lose weight may not come from the same place every day. If you can develop some strategies for keeping your daily motivation high, you are much more likely to be successful and bounce back quickly if you have any setbacks. Whatever you ultimately see as your motivation for losing weight, you do not have to face the challenge alone.

Sometimes it is very hard to stay motivated when you can’t see any results. Results are there, you just won’t notice it as you look yourself in the mirror everyday.
Here are a few measurement you can keep track of if you want to get more motivated with home cardio and working out overall.

* Body fat
How much muscles versus fat do your body have after and before a training season, that you can notice yourself?

BMI is related to your height in proportion to your weight, so keep track of it.

* Calories burned
How much calories did you burn today?

* Required daily calories
How much calories do you need per day in order to loose weight but still don’t be underfed?

* Target heart rate
Measuring heart rate and see how it improves with your training.

* Distance, Time, Pace, Speed
How many miles, how fast and how tired are you?

There are many benefits of doing cardio workout regularly. Nothing burns fat easier than good cardio exercising. It has been proven that cardio is the best alternative workout, Cardio is especially good for the aged and overweight people since the fat is not proportional to the muscle masses in those bodies, generally. No weights and no strain-related broken bones or injuries.

Five of the best benefits to regular cardio:

* You burn calories. Any cardio exercise helps you lose fat.
* Better sleep for your body.
* Exercising is a good treatment for depression and when you’re bored.  The substance called endorphin will be created while being physically active, which gives you a better mood.
* Cardio, especially, will prevent diseases. Exercising in general will reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, hyptertension or high blood pressure and cancer.
* Metabolism will be faster, which means you will burn even more calories even though you’re not exercising.

I hope this helps your motivation!

Loosing weight is much about motivation and mental toughness. I’ll teach you the easy ways to become a performer.

Write down your goals

You have heard this hundred of times, and it sounds silly. But wait.. did you actually do it?
Write down all negative things about loosing weight. What is so negative about it anyway? You will feel pain for not being allowed to eat that doughnut, and…. what else?
What about the positive things? Better self-confidence, more attractive, avoiding all the diseases related to overweight, make a better impression, feel more happy? You name it.
There are plenty of positive things related to weight loss. Try to think about the positive things and then write them down, no matter how much you want to taste that doughnut.

Just do it

Some people have a tendency to set up a special date when their diet and exercising is about to begin. I say that’s bullshit. You do it now or you won’t do it all. If you can’t do it right now, then you’re not motivated enough.
Attitude is very important. Now I’m going to tell you a very valuable thing. The biggest factor in succeeding (no matter what you’re trying to do), is just doing it!
Just do it and never make up excuses. If you can learn that and do it at all times without any hesitation, we are talking mental toughness big time.

Don’t give up

Some people loose weight easily, some don’t. It doesn’t matter which type you are, because you can do nothing about it.
There is no point in giving up, it won’t save you any trouble by thinking “I will do it later”. The day will come when you’re back for a new try and that day, perhaps you will just feel bad about yourself and feel kinda unmotivated. “Why didn’t I do this before?”
However, if you give up (which you most likely will), start from zero and prove for yourself that you’re mentally stronger now.

Find a mentor

He (or she) will help you to achieve your weight loss goal and become tough mentally. Don’t find a parrot who haven’t even succeeded himself. Find someone who know what they are talking about and got some REAL experience.
Always learn new stuff. Knowledge will really help you along the way, although it’s not the biggest factor in loosing weight since the “loosing-weight principle” is really simple – don’t eat crap and do some exercising.

Start with moving when you get up in the morning

It is really a benefit to take a morning walk just before or after breakfast. It doesn’t have to be that long, just about 20 minutes and you will feel more focused and energized the whole day. If you don’t like the cold, try cardio exercises at home.