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First of all, sorry for the inactivity around here. Much going on in life right now. : )

So I have decided I could need to lose some pounds, I have no goal of an exact amount at this moment. I’m not going to struggle, I will really let it take time this time. The ca

use of this is of course I want to get more fit, but this is also an experiment of my body. Will two simple steps work? I’m going to do two small things everyday in order to reach my goal within 4 months.

1) I’m going to fill up my schedule a lil bit more. Before, I used to do cardio workouts five times a week. Wednesday and sunday was resting day. Now I’m going to workout with cardio at home seven days a week. That means no resting days. This will be similar to the p90x2 workout.

2) As for the second thing, I’m going to eat smaller portions at dinner everyday. The reason for this is that I understood the importance of it even better now. Let me explain: I’m usually very inactive physically after dinner. That means that everything I eat won’t be burning up as easily as it would during daytime when I’m walking and running all day. I might get hungry before bedtime which is going to be hard to get used to. But I don’t need much energy when sleeping, now do I? Worst case, I’ll eat some hassle nuts or a fruit.

These are two very simple steps to lose some weight, I don’t guarantee it will work for everyone though. Some people really can’t sleep on empty stomach.

When to eat? It’s something that you wouldn’t expect to be nearly as important as it is.
For example, if you eat a pizza for breakfast, it’s not that bad as you will burn all those calories during your day.
But.. if you eat it right before bed, you won’t burn much of it as your body starts saving calories. You need to have energy during the day, not in bed!
However, you shouldn’t eat pizza at all, unless there’s something special, but if you really are a pizza lover, I’d recommend to try diabetes pizza.

Here are some guidelines to follow when you’re creating a daily eating routine:

* Don’t eat right before bed.
* Eat a steady breakfast. Really steady! What you eat is less important.
* Keep your lunch 3 hours after breakfast.
* Nuts, fruits, and other small meals during afternoon.
* Dinner portions should not be too big, but still enough.

If you hold on to these guidelines, you will definitely reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

A lot of people thinks that the less you eat the more weight you lose. In principle, it’s true, but there are some exceptions.

Lose weight by eating breakfast & drink  water at the right time

Eating breakfast will make your metabolism much better during the whole day and therefore burn up more calories. You will also feel much more energized and focused. It’s not very important what  you eat – Of course, the best breakfast is a good mixture of fiber, protein, carbohydrates and some fat.

By drinking water as soon as you wake up will make your taste bud better and also make you feel hungry, study;

It is proven that drinking water before meals will make the food more tasteful. Therefore, it’s a good simple step for people who tend to give up breakfast because they aren’t feeling hungry. Moreover, drinking water after a meal will get your metabolism to work immediately and therefore burn more.

As we all inch closer to warm breezes, flip flops, and tan lines that can be spotted from a block away we must not neglect the present. Why not start this spring out with a bang? Even if you lack the time to pump it out in your local gym, there are a few other ways to boost your weight loss and overall health. I’d like to welcome you to a few of my dirty secrets:

1.The Avocado. Sure, they are packed with FAT and typically served with even fattier choices but avocados contain healthful monounsaturated fat, which has been linked to a reduced risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.  But no fear…  it’s the bad fats that make you fat and the good fats that keeps you from getting fat! Most would probably assume they are in the vegetable family but the avocado is actually a fruit. (Technically a large berry that contains a large seed) Since fat has twice the energy of protein or carbs, limit yourself to 1/4 to 1/2 avocado per serving.

2.The Apple. Did you know there are Over 7,500 varieties of apples grown throughout the world???   They are packed full of antioxidants, especially vitamin C which is good for healthier skin. It turns out the simple apple is a jewel when it comes to healthy eating. If being a healthy carb wasn’t already enough, there are enzymes found in apples that might help your body digest food more efficiently!

3.The Blueberry. All berries contain anthocyanins which keep your skin healthy, but their goodness is much more then skin-deep. Blueberries are widely available and have the greatest amount of antioxidants of any other food, which should easily make them one of your best daily choices! They contain important nutrients that have shown many health benefits including  ANTI-AGING. That’s right, I said it.

4.The Green tea. In a recent study, volunteers who drank a bottle of tea (fortified with green tea extract) every day for three months lost more body fat than another group who drank a bottle of regular oolong tea. Except for the different teas, their overall diets were similar.  It is believed that green tea possess the helpful photochemical  disease-fighting properties that may trigger weight loss by stimulating the body to burn calories and mildly decrease your body fat. Normal green tea itself may contain more caffeine than coffee and no sugary additives or heavy creamers, so tomorrow morning opt for the healthy choice instead of your usual cup of Joe.

5.Last but not least, Spinach. This powerhouse of nutrients, or ultimate super food.. Is high in protein (GO FIGURE)!! The lists of health benefits from this wonderful green leaf of goodness are endless. It fights against so many different diseases and improves your health immensely. Spinach is very versatile and can be eaten cooked as a vegetable, or raw in a salad which is a superior alternative to the low nutrient iceberg lettuce. So if you haven’t already, make spinach a part of a daily recipe and believe me, your body will thank you for it.

Work with your body not against it, and really focus on what you put into your mouth because eating correctly will give your body the fuel it needs to really lay it down on your next cardio session.


Can be eaten in good conscience.

1-2 servings
1 dl strawberries, and more for garnish
½ dl raspberries, and more for garnish
2 tablespoons brown sugar
½ teaspoon lime juice
2 dl Milko 2.6% vanilla yogurt

Puree strawberries and raspberries with sugar and lime juice in a mixer. Add yogurt in the freezer until it is frozen. Then serve it in a bowl with the puree mix. Garnish with strawberries and raspberries.

There is just one golden rule if you want to stay in shape: Don’t eat more than you burn.

The concept of weight management program is a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. Carbohydrates are used as fuel for our body and they are stored as fat. Therefore, if you don’t supply carbs to the body, then you in fact turn your body into a “furnace” that uses its own stored fat as energy, and thereby reduces pounds and inches effortlessly. So make sure to measure yourself all over to watch your progress as you “melt” away.