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Lipostabil works at the site of fat deposits to dissolve body fat and eliminate bulges.
It is a much newer technique than liposuction, which was a process where the excess fat was drawn out through plastic or cosmetic surgery.
The Lipostabil procedure is non-invasive and it melts your excess fat away without surgery.
You may need a series of injections to get rid of the excess fat in affected parts of your body. The procedure has been gaining popularity as well-known actresses use it to keep in unwatned pounds off. Many people feel that Lipostabil is a miracle in the way that it eliminates unwanted fat. The shots consist of a number of drugs that destroy your fat cells, and then they are eliminated from your body through urination and bowel movements.
Lipostabil has proven to be effective for people who have tried many diet plans but have not had success with them. It is particularly effective in the thighs, hips, back and abdomen. The injections into fatty areas include various substances, including L-Carnitine and Phosphatidylcholine, which are believed to be effective at reducing the pads of fat in the areas being treated. It looks as though the PPC can enhance the solubility of cholesterol, changing the fat deposit arrangements, and slowing down the accumulation of plaque in your body. The fat-dissolving injections are said to infiltrate the cells of fat, making them softer and water soluble. In this way, the fat can be disposed of through bowel movements.
The Lipostabil procedure has met with varied results, and they depend to a degree on the size of the area that is being treated. In the majority of cases, people who take these injections do have a loss of one to five cm of fat for each treatment. The areas that show the greatest amount of fat loss are the belly and waist areas, and the area of least change is the legs. A healing time is allowed between injections, and the sessions are usually done over a period of four to six weeks. Benefits are usually noted after one to three weeks.
The L-Carnitine utilized in Lipostabil also appears in your body as methionine and lysine acids. It transports fatty acids to be burned as energy and enhances your body’s natural metabolism. Side effects of Lipostabil include scarring and necrosis where the injections are done, as well as diarrhea, blisters, nausea and headaches.
After-effects of the injections include itching, localized heat, moderate or severe edema, bruising and redness. The side effects may show up within two to five days after the fat injections are administered. The side effects typically disappear after three to seven days. Patients have found relief from edema with the use of compression on the affected parts of the body, with compression clothing.
The Lipostabil treatments, like any medical treatment, do not work in 100% of cases. Selecting a qualified physician to administer the injections and following his advice after the treatment are keys to your successful weight loss. Three to six injections are sometimes required to get the preferred results. Be sure to stay in contact with your physician after the treatments to report fat loss and any side effects.
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