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When to eat? It’s something that you wouldn’t expect to be nearly as important as it is.
For example, if you eat a pizza for breakfast, it’s not that bad as you will burn all those calories during your day.
But.. if you eat it right before bed, you won’t burn much of it as your body starts saving calories. You need to have energy during the day, not in bed!
However, you shouldn’t eat pizza at all, unless there’s something special, but if you really are a pizza lover, I’d recommend to try diabetes pizza.

Here are some guidelines to follow when you’re creating a daily eating routine:

* Don’t eat right before bed.
* Eat a steady breakfast. Really steady! What you eat is less important.
* Keep your lunch 3 hours after breakfast.
* Nuts, fruits, and other small meals during afternoon.
* Dinner portions should not be too big, but still enough.

If you hold on to these guidelines, you will definitely reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes.